Tell Us a Story

As part of our EXCHANGE project, we are collecting stories about the telephone, exchange, and communication. Share a story with us!

Here are some ideas that might prompt a memory. 

What is the first phone you remember? What did it look like? What calls do you remember from it? How did you use it?

Did you ever use a “party line"? Did you ever have a confusing interaction because of the multiple parties?

What is a phone call you remember? Who was it with? Why is the call memorable?

What's your first thought when the phone rings in the night?

Have you ever missed a phone call you wish you'd answered?

What does "exchange" mean to you? Have you ever experienced it?

What is a surprising or unexpected interaction you've had?

When have you felt listened to? When have you listened?

Do you feel connected by technology? Why? Do you have a story that illustrates this?


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By submitting a story with this form, I confirm that my story may be used, in whole or in part, by A Broken Umbrella Theatre. 

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