Seen Change!

That was an awesome show last night at the Shubert! Congratulations to all of you fine actors. It was great to move around and be able to see the inside of the Taft. The use of the box seats was amazing. We love the Shubert and we can see that you do too! Thanks for a great night. 
— Anna F


Gilbert the Great

Great performance! The playwright really nailed AC Gilbert! Transformation of characters roles fluid! Each moment of magic kept children off guard and captivated! Crew cast of A Broken Umbrella.....Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
— Mark J, via Facebook

What a fantastic show! You did it again!
— Steve M


“It was so great! I felt the freedom! You guys made me all teared up! Loved it!!!”
— Yeunhee K, via Facebook

“Freewheelers was SO Awesome. Once again, the Broken Umbrella Troupe NAILS it.”
— Dave O, via Facebook

I was “transported to another time and place.”
— Elia A, via Facebook

The Library Project

"I saw The Library Project Sunday night at their last performance and was so glad I didn't miss it. I was amazed by the way A Broken Umbrella Theater showcased so many of the outstanding features of our library — the architecture, history, collections, programs, and intrinsic magic of a place that collects and stores all this wisdom and wonder to share with the entire community! It reminded me why I'm so proud to do what we do, but most of all I was gratified to see the other members of the audience similarly inspired. I think a lot of people came to see a piece of theater, but went away with a greater appreciation for the mission of the library.
— Sunnie Scarpa, Manager of Young Minds, New Haven Free Public Library