Jes Mack

Jes Mack a native of the Elm City, has worked with A Broken Umbrella Theatre since Thunderbolt (Edgewood Park, 2009). Jes has served as playwright (Gilbert the Great, 2014); as a director of The Library Project (NHFPL, 2012); and as a performer in Seen Change! (Shubert Theatre, 2015), Play with Matches (The Smokestack, 2012), and iMarvel (Edgewood Park, 2010).
Outside the Umbrella, you can find Jes at Yale College managing the Yale Baroque Opera Project; or the Eli Whitney Museum teaching an ensemble theater camp; or attempting to make funny as a member of the nearly-infamous comedy improv troupe The Regicides. Jes proudly resides in Westville with her husband and awesome children.